Food for BIKE

Choose your breakfast and make it perfect for your metabolism and your taste, for the energy you’ll need to face your itinerary and, on your coming back, after a shower and a reinvigorating swim in the pool, or a relaxing massage, ask for your brunch among the menu that Laura will suggest on demand.

At Mom’s house food is always at the basis of your wellbeing and is made by natural, organic ingredients only, that become, in Laura’s hands, cakes and biscuits, bread and toast, omelettes and quiches.

Where Tuscan salami and cheese, will satisfy your salty tooth, while dried, organic fruit and nuts will make your yoghurt super nutritious and tasty.

Fresh fruit, bananas, energy bars and proteins, provided by Mom’s house, will become your best companions during your daily ride.

Your brunch at Mom’s house is cut to size to your needs in a perfect balance between proteins, carbos and fruits, always with an eye on taste, because eating well does your soul a lot of good.

Food per bike, Colazione a Pietrasanta