MOM's House in Pietrasanta

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Mom’s House is born out of a passion


a passion that unites thousands of people all over the world, a passion made of hard work, sweat and lots of pleasure, a passion called bike.

This is Laura’s passion,that has become to her a lifestyle, made of kms covered in different countries, in any climate, made of a proper diet, suitable for those who know that riding on a bike requires energy and healthy food.

It’s passion the driving force that has transformed a 19th century villa, placed on top of a Tuscan hill in Pietrasanta, into a luxury b&b devoted to cyclists, where, together with its 4 beautiful rooms, each of them devoted to a champion that made the history of Italian cycling ,the guest will be cuddled by a wonderful pool with a view on the Mediterranean gulf of Portovenere and embraced by a park of hundreds years old olive trees.

But Mom’s House is more, much more than this.


It is a place to start from and live experiences and do itineraries great both for beginner and advanced cyclists, led by a coach who, thank to his huge experience, will lead you through the Tuscan hills, up to the Carrara Marble Quarries or on the Apuan Alps, up to the steep and narrow roads of Liguria and then down, at a breakneck speed towards the sea.

Mom’s house is a lifestyle, made of an active daily schedule, wellbeing and healthy food.

Mom’s house is your luxury b&b in Pietrasanta with a character.



An alarmed and safe garage will host your two wheels best friend and will make you rest at peace at night.

Your bike will be serviced, washed, checked on request and a rent-a-bike service for E-bikes, Mountain bikes and Street bikes, provided with a minimum of a 48 hours’ notice.

Few minutes from the historic centre of Pietrasanta