MOM's House VIlla in Pietrasanta

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luxury bed and breakfast pietrasanta, esclusivo per ciclisti e bikers

The park around the villa is a sea of green and silver that embraces it with iridescent leaves, from the hundred years old olive trees that are scattered on the terraced land, made, with local stones by ancient hands to drain the rain that, God Bless it, used to irrigate the plants and fertilize the soil.

The flowers blooming and colouring the park in different seasons, as well as the citrus trees with their penetrating smell, create a carnet of perfumes that anybody might want to breath in to create the perfect perfume and offer a sensorial experience, that goes well beyond any artificial aroma therapy.

In summer times, life at Mom’s House Villa, revolves around its pool, that is safe for children as well as for the whole family, installed, as it is, in a corner of the park viewing the breath-taking 5 Terre Gulf and made comfortable by deck chairs and umbrellas and soft, embracing pool towels.

A welcoming and refreshing terrace built in stones, made comfy by colourful cushions, furnishes the pool area in style and offers a quiet, large nook in the hot, summer, afternoons.